About Us


Boro Bullets started in the wake of the COVID19 Pandemic when ammunition was almost impossible to find. 

Ray Skudlarek and Jason Mortier have a goal to make ammunition available to everyone at an excellent price not just available for the big retailers who mark up and price gouged during times when shortages were happening.

Ray and Jason have been friends for a long time and both have had other successful careers and businesses. During the Covid 19 Pandemic Ray and Jason decided to take on the issue of the average shooter in American not always being able to obtain or even have access to ammo at a reasonable price.  Ray being a veteran and very passionate about the 2nd amendment decided he wanted to be a part of solving the problem of shortages of ammunition to the average shooter. Jason being a genius and damn good looking guy decided he wanted to help Ray on his mission.

Our Mission:

Defend and Support the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment of the USA.  

Always provide quality and safe ammunition at an affordable price.

No matter the climate of demand always be in stock.